Litigation. Results.

The Broome Law Firm, PLLC, is a trial firm located in the Dallas Metroplex area serving local, national and international clients. We have a legal team with broad experience who take time to understand the many facets of our client’s legal affairs, and provide counsel that is both timely and informed.

Our primary focus is commercial litigation, but the firm handles a broad range of litigation matters, including telcom litigation; energy litigation; business disputes; non-compete issues; suits against government agencies and police departments; serious personal injury; wrongful death; employment litigation; intellectual property disputes; and a host of other matters in the arena of civil and commercial litigation. We also provide business clients with a broad range of services tailored to the client’s specific industry and client needs. Our firm also assists business individuals in dealing with the media and public relations in times of crisis.  It is not unusual for our firm to partner with some of the most respected law firms in the nation to provide particularized services to address a client’s specific need.

The roots of Broome Law Firm, PLLC, date back to March 2005, when an experienced group of trial attorneys left a large firm in Dallas with the goal of offering their clients assistance in a broader range of litigation matters on flexible terms. Since that time, the firm’s client base has expanded rapidly. Our clients are assured experienced, informed attention and take comfort in the knowledge that all of their matters are handled with a responsive, individualized approach. We value communication and maintain regular and close contact with our clients.