Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is our primary focus. Our firm is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals prosecute and defend claims brought by and against corporations, government entities, business competitors, employees, shareholders, customers and the public. We regularly handle claims involving breach of contract, product liability, commercial construction, breach of lease, shareholder rights, ERISA, contractual disputes, non-compete agreements, breaches of fiduciary duty, property and title disputes, trade secrets and mulit-party complex litigation.

The firm also handles a number of complex insurance litigation matters for several international insurers and surplus line carriers, especially in matters relating to professional athletes, arson and fraud claims.

Our commercial litigation representation provides businesses and individuals with aggressive representation in every facet of the litigation process. Our goal is to resolve disputes and claims in ways that are cost-effective while protecting the client’s image and business interests. In addition to the standard hourly fee arrangement common in most commercial litigation disputes, we also understand and accommodate out clients needs by being flexible. We often offer our business clients the option of handling matters on a contingency fee basis or a hybrid fee, in cases where most traditional law firms would require a large retainer and significant hourly billing.

The ultimate goal is for our clients to achieve the objectives they deserve. In other words, we want our clients to be better off after the litigation is over and attorney’s fees and costs are calculated. We understand that in some cases this requires flexible billing practices on our part that are straightforward, easy to understand and agreed to in writing prior to the representation.

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